V-Guard VF-160 Battery
V-Guard VF-160 Battery

V-Guard VF-160 Battery

Rs. 12687
Category: 1
Subcategory: 7
Manufacturer: V Guard Industries Ltd
Brand: V Guard
Warranty: 18+12 Months
Capacity: 150 AH
The VF 160 batteries, manufactured by V-Guard, and used in the V-Guard Digital UPS ensure uninterrupted power supply in a home. Besides the Digital UPS, these batteries work perfectly with other UPS too. These batteries have a capacity of 150Ah C20 at 27℃. Based on load connected to them, they can provide backup that can vary from two hours fifteen minutes to fifty four hours. These batteries are 520mm long, 275mm wide and 255mm high. While the filled weight 48Kg and the gross weight 50Kg. The acid volume that can be hold by these batteries is 15.5litres, give or take 2litres. Apart from the standard warranty of 18 months, prorated warranty of 12 months is also available for these batteries. These low maintenance batteries from V-Guard offer long service life, and requires less topping up after the date of sale. The positive and negative grids used in these batteries are made out of innovative alloy. The use of thick and modified positive and negative plates inside the batteries makes them more durable and reliable. With excellent cycle life and low rate of self discharge, these batteries provide up to 40% extra backup.