Altima 75 AH Solar Battery
Altima 75 AH Solar Battery

Altima 75 AH Solar Battery

Rs. 5000
Category: 1
Subcategory: 6
Manufacturer: A. H. Enterprises
Brand: Altima
Warranty: 36 Months
Capacity: 75 AH

Product Specification

Usage/ApplicationBack up Power
FeaturesSuperior active material for excellent discharge performance
Product TypeSL Tubular Battery

Product Description

Flooded Solar Batteries:

  • Flooded solar batteries are designed to offer reliable, low maintenance power for renewable energy applications
  • These solar flooded batteries are ideal for applications where frequent deep cycles are required and minimum maintenance is desirable
  • Flooded solar batteries are most widely & longest used battery in solar power systems
  • The industrial solar batteries are least expensive and tend to have longest battery life
  • We provide factory charged flooded solar batteries that significantly reduces commissioning time


  • Leak proof design with heat sealed PP container and cover
  • Thro'' partition welded for short electrical path - reduces internal resistance and increased performance
  • Micro porous ceramic float guide vent plug - Environment friendly and free from acid fumes
  • Special Tubular positive plate design for Long life in deep discharge cycle
  • Special alloy used, for Low maintenance of the Battery
  • DRAMIC (France) PE envelop separator by virtue of high porosity, low electrical resistance and excellent oxidation resistance, serve as a perfect separation medium
  • Flat Negative plate with special additives and expanders for better charge and discharge cycle
  • Superior active material for excellent discharge performance
  • Pure laboratory grade additives and chemicals used for reliable output
  • Float guide vent plug for electrolyte level indication.


  • Back up Power
  • Telecommunication Equipment Office
  • Automation Equipment
  • Fire Alarm & Security System
  • Electronic EPABX Electronic
  • Cash Registers
  • Solar Power System


  • SL Tubular Battery
  • Model
  • Capacity C20 Normal Charging Current (Amps) Maximum over all dimension (mm)

Approx Battery weight with acid (Kgs) Chg. Amps
SL 40 12 40 4 305 172 240 22 7.5
SL60 12 60 6 410 175 255 30.2 7.5
SL80 12 80 8 515 180 250 37 8
SL100 12 100 10 505 225 255 45.5 9.6