Exide Jai Kishan KI99T
Exide Jai Kishan KI99T

Exide Jai Kishan KI99T

Rs. 6,995.00
Category: 1
Subcategory: 5
Manufacturer: Exide Industries
Brand: Exide
Warranty: 18 Months
Capacity: 99 AH
Pre-filled and pre-charged
Specially designed to increase longevity
Features: Maintenance-free.
Exide Jai Kisan - an exclusive battery, specially manufactured for tractors. Packed with new and exciting features, Exide Jai Kisan aids the tractor's performance even in extreme road conditions. Moreover, Exide Jai Kisan batteries are completely maintenance-free and are available for immediate use.

Features of Exide Jai Kisan Range of Batteries

  • Leak-proof, factory-charged battery available for immediate use.
  • Internationally patented design to safeguard tractors from internal short- circuits.
  • Pre-filled and pre-charged, to prevent battery damage from the harmful effects of impure acid and water.
  • Especially designed to increase longevity of tractors.
  • The battery cables and housing are fully protected from acid fumes and rust formation on terminals.
  • Specially created to withstand extreme weather conditions, jolts and shakes.
  • High cranking power enables immediate start-up.
  • Easy to pick and carry since this battery is fitted with strong and rust-resistant handles which retract
    into place when not in use.
  • Airlock system and side-venting design make these batteries completely leak-proof.
  • Fitted with electrolyte reserve above the plates, this battery is fully maintenance-free.